Man on the Moon

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I don’t understand why Elon Musk (or anyone) isn’t planning to land on the moon before landing on Mars. I mean, the moon is closer. There are potential commercial possibilities there. And since it is a lot closer than Mars, a colony there would be less difficult to service. I don’t know much about the moon’s structure in terms of geology, but I have read that there is water available (not easily, but it is there). And of course, lots of minerals. I don’t get the big whoop about Helium-3 either. I don’t think we have the technology yet to use it, so why go to the moon to get it? Whatever.

I have always been a space fan – I wouldn’t have minded being an astronaut (except I am too tall, probably not smart enough and definitely not good enough at following directions). And I have always thought colonies on other worlds were a great idea. Even after reading The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein, which I read in 1970 or thereabouts. My mom taught a symposium in Science Fiction one year and being a voracious reader, I read a lot of the books she had collected. Great stuff. Anyway, if I were Elon, I would have said, Mars in 2030, the moon in 2020. But I am not Elon Musk. He is.

In other news, I recently was house sitting. The dogs mom came home Sunday and I returned to my home. I felt fairly useless here at her house. I ought to have asked if there were any chores I could do while she was away. I am not the best at DIY, but I am moderately handy. Oh well. Next time perhaps. And doing things there might have gotten me motivated to do things back home. Speaking of which, Alice suggested that I decide the fate of three things a day. That doesn’t seem to be asking too much. I think I might start small and maybe do a quick pen culling. We have way too many pens in the house. And I am sure many of them would do best being inside a trash can. I wonder if pens are recyclable? The answer is, some and sort of. Sigh. I hate putting things in the landfill. Speaking of which, I really need to get rid of the oil based old paint that is still sitting in my driveway from the great basement flood of 2017. Oh, an update on that – I did speak with the city’s insurance person who told me that the construction company’s insurance person has reopened the claim and is investigating. Whatever the heck that means. And that I might hear something within 30 days. The only thing I want to hear is “the check is in the mail.”

Sitting without a Tooth

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Maybe I have embarked on a new career path: pet/house sitter. I am currently sitting for a friend’s two Shih Tzus, Oscar and Felix, at her house. If I didn’t have a house of my own, I could see being an itinerant house sitter/pet sitter as a livelihood for a year or so. But definitely not a plant sitter. Plants beware! I bear the mark of the plant killer, the fabled Black Thumb of Death. (Thunder in a clear sky)(dramatic music). Seriously, though, what’s a fellow to do? I am thinking of writing a blog post about my work ethic. Or in some people’s eyes, my lack of same. Maybe I will do it. Right now, I can’t be bothered. Too busy watching the dogs be dogs.

Why “without a tooth” you might ask. Because yesterday, I visited the lovely and talented Dr. Kami and her trusty amusing (and easily amused by yours truly) assistant Annie to have a tooth extracted. Extracted is a polite term for having a tooth yanked out of your face. Sigh. I was terrified before I went in – all sorts of horrible scenarios played through my fear filled noggin – the tooth breaking off at the roots and Dr. K having to dig and scrape to get things out, etc. And I was worried about the pain. I wonder what the pain would have been like if I could have sensed it. I was originally planning to be completely out of it for the operation – but that would have entailed taking advantage of other people’s kindness. They would have had to drive me to the dentist, drive me back from the dentist and then sit with me until I was compos mentis again. A full day of Augustus herding is undoubtedly not high on most people’s lists. So I opted for Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). I have had some experience from Nitrous in the past. This was nothing like that. No head rush (darn) – though at one point I did really space out. Apparently the idea is the gas is supposed to mellow you out. I guess it did that. I also did some meditation which I think may have helped. In any case, none of the bad stuff, either that I imagined or that Dr. K said might occur, happened. The novocaine and the N2O and the meditation did the trick. Voila, icky bad tooth out of my face. Though I do feel a little like I just went through another divorce. Only losers lose teeth. If I knew now when I was younger, I might have taken better care of my teeth. Oh well – regrets are a man’s best friend. No, wait, that’s frogs. In any case, I am now down one tooth. If I am rich in four months, maybe I will get an implant for that space. Doubtful, but AIP.

I took the tooth home with me. Is that weird? I have it and can show it to anyone who wants to see it. Or take a picture and post it. It wasn’t a very happy tooth…Ooh, maybe it will be my new profile picture at some point…

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Seriously Bat?

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The house I live in is big. Not huge, but big. Basement, first (ground) floor, second floor and an attic. And the footprint is probably 30’x50′. I will have to look that up one day. Oh, quick digression, some realtor sent me a note (out of the blue?) asking if we wanted to sell the house. I know that the building isn’t worth much, but how much is the land worth? To the Colleges? Anyway, as I was saying, it is a decent sized house. As I was heading off to sleep the night before last (Thursday night I think), I heard scrabbling sounds. I thought maybe a mouse – though those, when we have them, tend to stay in the kitchen. Then I thought, maybe a bat. And as I thought those words, the bat started to fly around my room. Why on earth, out of the whole house would the bat choose to fly around in my room? Maybe it has a crush on me. Sigh. After the bat had flown around for a while, I opened up the big windows on the South side of the room and opened up the screen. The bat, in about 15 seconds, had flown out into the world. But really, bat, did you need to come to my room out of the whole house? Seriously?

Why hasn’t Elon Musk designed an electric race car? That would get the EV cars into the communal mind of a portion of the world. And I am sure they could compete with the gas powered ones. Anyway, Elon, baby, if you are reading my blog assiduously, go for an EV racing car…

The other day, I went for a short bike ride. I find it interesting that I haven’t been down to the lake on my bike this year. I miss my bike riding companion. Oh well – I am sure she is busy with her family. Anyway, I rode to Houghton House. On the way back out, I realized that someone had removed two of the four speed bumps that used to be on that road. Makes for a much more pleasant riding (and probably driving) experience! Huzzuh! While leaving, I passed a dear who was gazing at me as I rode past, not 5 feet away. The featured image is a trimmed version of the picture I eventually took.



More reviews went up today. I have been reviewing books, too. How exciting is that?

Nursing Home Visits

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Who amongst us loves nursing home visits? Please raise your hand. I survey all that I can see and nary a hand is raised. Ok, maybe one or two – but it takes all kinds. I, personally, do not love going to nursing homes. And I am certainly not looking forward to being in one. There are so many reasons not to go. They tend to be depressing places. Lots of people who are being treated like prisoners or maybe zoo animals. Or maybe better yet, pound animals – the worst of prison and zoo. Except these people have very little chance of being rescued, except by death.

Yes, I do not like visiting mom in the nursing home. I feel immensely guilty every time I go. I don’t like seeing mom in the condition she is in – due primarily of course to her disease (Alzheimer’s) but also because she is not getting the absolute best care. Decent or maybe even good care, but the best? The best would be someone with her every hour that she is awake – reading to her, giving her water when she was thirsty – helping her to be more mobile perhaps. Alice and I often talk about what we would do if either of us won the lottery. First, pay off all of our debts. And second, make sure that our moms had the absolute best care money could buy. Sigh. Yes, that is one reason I play the lottery (and send in mom’s Publisher’s Clearing House entry forms).

All that being said, if I didn’t go, I would feel even worse. Days when I don’t go – and I am not totally distracted (as I sometimes am, through work or play or mind numbing or whatever) – I feel guilty too. Sigh. Yay guilt!

There is a website called Memory People – where Alice and I met, BTW – where caregivers and people with Alzheimer’s can share their struggles, successes, concerns and advice. Great site – wouldn’t have made it this far as easily (ha) as I have without it. People tell stories of family members who make noises about helping out, or being there for the caregiver or the sufferer. They also tell stories of supposed Loved Ones or family members who either are in total denial that anything is wrong, or perhaps blame the caregiver for everything, or for not doing enough or explaining how they would handle things if they were in the caregiver’s shoes. Ha. Some of the saddest stories are the ones where the family member tells the caregiver something along the lines of – hey, what’s the point in seeing the sufferer, writing the sufferer, calling the sufferer, etc., since they don’t know who I am. Ok, so calling might not truly be very effective, but the others? Yes, the sufferer might not know you – my mom has not had a clue as to who I am for most of the past 4 years. But I know her. As do so many other people. And yet. And yet, so few of them make an effort.

There are some people, though, who go above and beyond. In my life, my brother tries to send a note to mom every Friday as he has been doing for maybe 15 years. (That’s a lot of ink, paper and stamps!) And he has made a a few trips out to visit. My sister too has come to visit. As have a few other family members. And a few people who just admired/loved/respected mom have made an effort. Even a few people who barely know her have made an effort. I thank each one for everything they have done!

What am I saying? That getting old sucks. And just because someone is old, there is no reason to forget them. Even if they have forgotten you.

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In Other News

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Thursday, We’re Lichen the Moss, represented by yours truly, all alone, managed to come in second. True, we only scored 125 points. And we were tied with Samurai, but still! I did manage to beat them at the tie-breaker. Huzzuh!

Friday was an errands day. I managed to do some laundry, go to the library, go to the grocery store and visit mom. I still have a few more sheets to wash from Karl and Candace and the kids’ visit. But I am getting there!

In preparation for having to drive someone in my car, I took about 15 minutes to clean it up. Guess how many pens I found had fallen from my pockets since last I cleaned the car.


10 pens and a can of shaving cream

Saturday, Susanne and I went to a circus and then to dinner. The Zerbini Family Circus was teeny – less than a ring.They had no lighting to speak of. No band. Small group. But still a fun circus. Susanne enjoyed it too, so it can’t have been too bad.  I think the attendance at the performance was about 200 people. There were about 14 acts: An opening dance number, two balance acts (one was teeter board, the other was the whirling circle thingie), four animal acts (dogs, horses, camels, and small horse), two clown bits, three flying acts (rings, straps and silks) and a hoop act plus the finale of flag waving. Susanne, if you read this, am I missing anything?


I do wonder what the cost proposition is for these teeny circuses. One of my dreams, as some of you know, is to create a teeny circus of my own. Hmm, maybe it was one of my dreams long ago, and I had forgotten it until just now. In any case, I think that would be fun!

Dinner was at the old hotel in Phelps. Good food in a space that felt like it had never left the 1970’s. Susanne had fettuccini Alfredo and I had some scallops over risotto. The food was so good we had to take some home with us! I am eating some of the leftovers for lunch today.

Sunday was a fairly sedentary day. I did eventually make it out to the grocery store to buy some guacamole to go with the pork fajitas I made for dinner. I made enough food for a family of four and I normally eat enough for half a person. Sigh. Cooking for one is still a challenge.

And I watched a lot of stuff. I finally finished watching The Office (American). I can’t remember when I started it. Glad I watched it. One of the things I enjoy about media is seeing people popping up in different places. A few people who are doing things today seemed to have popped up from nowhere – when in fact they got their “break” on other shows that I just hadn’t seen. Like the actress in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – I didn’t know she had been on The Office for a few seasons. If you are interested in my limited thoughts on some of the things I watch, you can always check out my movie blog.

Must Love Bats

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There is something strange going on here in the house in Geneva. We get bats flying around. I know that bats are like mice in that they can squeeze through holes that don’t look big enough for them, but still, I would love to know how they are getting into the house! A couple nights ago, I heard some noise emanating from the red room. I was putting on some clothes to go and investigate when a bat (the same bat?) flew down the hall and downstairs. Sigh. For the past 6 years we have had two bat incursions a year. I think it is the same crazy bat. Or its kids. Who knows? One bat looks much like any other bat when it is fluttering around the house. My strategy has been to open the porch door and let the bat fly itself out there and then close it out there. Then to open the door to the outside in hopes that it will fly itself back out into the world. That has worked a number of times. The last time, the poor thing got so tired flying around that it landed on the floor in the living room. I got a box and a cookie sheet and managed to capture the bat and place it on the porch so it could fly free! So, if you ever want to live here in this house, you must love bats!

You asked for it, you got it – my movie review blog. The reviews are only a few lines long – straight to the point – few if any spoilers. I am writing it on blogger – just to keep my hand in over there. If you are a google-ite (if you have a google login) you can join my circles (whatever the heck they are) and get notified when I put up a new “review.” Most recently added was Jeeves and Wooster – it was a TV series, but I reviewed it anyway! And, being the rebel that I am, I think I might add book reviews there too. I just read a fun book called The Thief. I liked it enough to ask the library system for the rest of the books in the series. Yay!


The featured image is of what happened to a torilla that I toasted trop long. Tee hee.

Lost my Wallet!!

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Ack! I lost my wallet yesterday. For about 15 minutes. I was at the grocery and went to pay for my groceries and discovered that my wallet was not in its accustomed place – my left front pocket. I checked my other pockets (since I was wearing cargo shorts, that was a lot of checking). Then I retraced my steps in the grocery store. First place I looked was at the end of the checkout line where I had knelt down to fix the handles on the little carry baskets. The woman ahead of me had tried to stack hers with the others, but couldn’t because the handles were in the wrong places. Did she bother to fix them? No, she just tossed her basket beside the others. So I took the fifteen seconds necessary to make things work. And when my wallet turned up missing, I immediately thought that “no good deed goes unpunished.” But the wallet wasn’t there. Having only purchased 7 items, I easily zipped through the store looking for a big black lump lying on the floor somewhere. But no, no wallet. I checked the path between my car and the store. No wallet. I looked in the car. No wallet. Then I made the call. To the nursing home. And, huzzuh, it was there! Yay!

I am very glad that I didn’t have to cancel all my cards. And get a new driver’s license. And all that sort of thing. Phew!

Funny thing, when I went back to the grocery store to get groceries, I forgot to get baked beans. Sigh. At the time, I couldn’t remember what the seventh item was…

Other than that, a decent day. I did not win at Trivia. Again, I didn’t turn in a double down dare answer that turned out to be right. Still wouldn’t have won, though. There were two “guess the person in the picture” questions – one was a double down dare – and I didn’t get those. And I think I only got one question right in the fourth round. To get nearer to winning, one needs to get at least two of those correct. Sigh.

Mom is doing about the same – maybe a little worse. She is getting to be less and less understandable, which is sad. And swallowing seems to be more of a challenge for her. Sniff.


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